• Robert A. Harrington

Update for Bloodline's Absolution

In an effort to improve the advertising for Bloodline's Absolution--my second novel, published originally in 2010 and re-editing and re-published in 2018--I decided to refresh the cover and update the description in Amazon. I'm happy to announce both are complete and are now live on Amazon for E-Book and Paperback formats.

A dystopian horror novel by R.A. Harrington--a peek through a surreal speculative lens to a near-future where a culture of death seeps into the fabric of society. Predators hunting in the halls of Congress! In the near future, authoritative government intrusion and the ruination of the climate into perpetual winter have pushed the nation to the brink of sanity. Vampire houses control the major sectors of society and scheme for dominance. Maria, the brave leader of the human resistance, grows an assignment of vampire seduction for intelligence gathering into the genuine sparks of love with an unusual, practical vampire. When a human child with uncanny wisdom becomes a fulcrum of conflict, all sides clash across boundaries of freedom and enslavement, passion and horror, and chaos and order.

The Amazon link:

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