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One of my passions is travel review writing. Travel is a major priority for my wife and I, so I enjoy regular opportunities to tour new places, often as a tag-along on my wife's business trips. On these jaunts, I like to explore new sights, restaurants, and hotels, and, in turn, post my impressions for other potential travelers. I don't spend a lot of time on my reviews, snippets of work woven in between my normal novel writing routines, so don't expect extensive copy editing for these on-line blurbs! I focus mostly on putting out quick, descriptive assessments, mostly on TripAdvisor and Google. I have a pretty good following on these reviews and pictures (nearly 2 million views as of this posting), so I know I'm making a difference, which is the reward for such work. Travel review writing is a pleasure, and I'll be sure to start posting some of my reviews to this blog. Enjoy!

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