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Odyssey's Inception Back on

This summer/fall I've been deep into a multi-step effort to improve offerings to readers, namely updating my on-line presence and editing/re-mastering all my current manuscripts. A knee surgery and western road trip slowed the effort somewhat, but now I'm back on track.

Today I completed the first big steps of this effort, updating my on-line branding and re-publishing Odyssey's Inception, the first novel of the Awakened Ascendancy Trilogy, now available on in electronic and print forms.

I'm currently working on the 2nd novel of the Awakened Ascendancy Trilogy (manuscript is written; in editing) and am re-mastering my first two stand-alone novels, Perdition's Brink (in transformation to a new genre) and Bloodline's Absolution (in editing). Once I finish these steps, I'll start on the 3rd novel of the Awakened Ascendancy Trilogy.

I look forward announcing the completion of the next milestone sometime before the end of the year.

Thanks and Good Day!

Robert A. Harrington

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