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New Book from R.A. Harrington

I'm pleased to announce the release of my new book, Odyssey's Inception. You can purchase the book exclusively on

The world shifts, ancients withdraw, sleeping fay rise, and myths crumble. Almighty incarnates claim vast swaths of the world’s untamed wilds. Violent weather and voracious predators plaque all the lands. The remnants of humankind huddle in far-flung colonies, awake in their fears or asleep in their nightmares, barely surviving as the world slides into chaos.

Among the blizzardy, barren lands of Shivering Prairie, a supernatural creature of fire and fangs attacks the lonely town of Harborage. The unexpected incursion leads to an extraordinary encounter between the region’s dreaded incarnate, a valiant sentinel defending her village, and a mysterious wandering chronicler. The three unlikely companions embark on a far-flung quest to discover the frightening source of conflict threatening to sweep away humankind.

Odyssey's Inception is the exciting first book of the Awakened Transcendency Trilogy, a fantasy adventure epic by author R.A. Harrington.

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