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Merry Christmas and The Eagle is About to Land!

Merry Christmas! I’ve been quiet on the blog lately, focused on caring for my family, healing from medical issues, and editing my new book. Speaking of the latest novel, I’m putting the final touches on it now, running the book through the last editing pass before release in Jan 2020. You’re the first to get a glimpse of the title and draft cover!

Welcome to Scorn's Defiance, Book Two of the Awakened Transcendency Trilogy, the continuing saga of a curious incarnate, a valiant sentinel, a mysterious wandering chronicler, and frost fox protectors — companions facing a growing instability in the world’s order.

Scorn’s Defiance will be an Amazon exclusive as are all my books — available for sale, Kindle Unlimited (KU), and Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL). Happy New Years and keep reading!

Thanks and Good Day!

Robert A. Harrington

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