• Robert A. Harrington

January 2020 Update

Hello, readers! Welcome to the new year.

I'm proud to announce the publishing of Scorn's Defiance, Book Two of the Awakened Transcendency Trilogy, my primary project for 2019. The first two books of this trilogy are now available on Amazon in electronic and paperback forms with links on the website.

In the spirit of the new year, I'm running short projects to remaster my first two novels, Perdition's Brink and Bloodline's Absolution, starting with the latter (already well underway). Look forward to the reissue of Bloodline's Absolution in Feb 2020 and Perdition's Brink in Mar 2020.

After the remastering projects, I'll start on the third book to the Awakened Transcendency Trilogy. I can't wait!

I wish you success and love in the coming months of this new decade.

Thanks and Good Day!

Robert A. Harrington

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