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Book Two of the Awakened Transcendency Trilogy Draft Complete

Great news! Just this morning, over my usual glass of Diet Coke, I completed the draft manuscript for Book Two of the Awakened Transcendency Trilogy. At around 80,000 words, this labor of love continues the adventures of an all-mighty incarnate, valiant sentinel, and mysterious wandering chronicler as they investigate dramatic events signaling the turning of an age. This volume now enters my editing process: two months of grammar reviews, read-throughs, and re-writes leading up to cover design, format fine-tuning, advertising campaign development, and go-live. I’m shooting for an August 2019 publishing date. Once complete, I’ll immediately focus on the third and final book in the series which is already about 25% complete. Despite the medical issues I’ve been battling, this has been a great year of writing so far!

Thanks and Good Day!

R.A. Harrington

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