• Robert A. Harrington

A New Cover for Perdition's Brink

In an effort to improve the advertising for Perdition's Brink--my first novel, published originally in 2009 and re-editing and re-published in 2018--I decided to refresh the cover and update the description in Amazon. I'm happy to announce both are complete and are now live on Amazon.

Imagine waking up--you're undead, an abomination--you're trapped in Perdition!

Caleb Baker struggles against his undead fate among the demons, ghosts, and zombies plaguing the remote desert town of Perdition.

Caleb fights to untangle the truth of his past while a terrible evil grows within him, denizens of chaos want to recruit him, and forces of order seek to eradicate all of his kind.

Do the undead deserve salvation?

Perdition's Brink is a first-person supernatural mystery exploring the shock of undeserved damnation and the trials of clawing your way back towards the light.

Buy your copy of this gripping thriller today!

Also available for Kindle Unlimited (KU) and Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL).

Amazon Link:

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